Milano Design Week, 09-14 April 2019

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Milano design week 2019

After a year of copious requests and hard work aimed to improve our products and bring innovation and beauty on market, never forgetting our usual attention to the environment, we are proud to present our new collections, born from a close cooperation between Cridea and two brilliant designers.

Our new products are

Maya, a modular sofa created for Cridea by designer Davide Montanaro and

Throne series designed by Terence Coton.

MAYA has been created from the idea of breaking a chocolate bar, taking inspiration from that great  ancient civilization.

It is a modular system with endless possible combinations, composed by a seat and a pouf with irregular shapes. Designed by Davide Montanaro.

The result is a perfect fusion of elegance and style in which art-flex technology is emphasized.

THRONE  comes from the sublime creativity of Terence Coton, its powerful and versatile style perfectly blends with our sculptural and unique material.

Throne1 is an extremely versatile platform in which usefulness, style and comfort join together

Throne2 Inspired by oriental culture it can be used as a meditation platform, where people can relax, as well as a giant pouf, where many people can seat together.

Both collections are perfect for in and out-door and public spaces, thanks to their weathering high resistance.

Innovation, quality, design, versatility and flexibility are our core values.

Our material does not require any initial investment, it is waterproof, high resistant and above all we use only water based paint and we believe that this is the most important feature in a market projected towards eco-sustainability.

Milano design week Cridea 2019