soft & smooth hardness.

Pieces of furniture covered in an outer skin, that’s what we call it. It’s a soft plastic material that covers the muscles and skeletons that are blocks of technological foam that were to going to be discarded and now form part of an almost eternal piece of furniture.

At a glance you can appreciate their toughness. Up close you see a smooth, compact, uniform exterior. Closed cells that cannot be pierced. Ideal for all climates and uses. Tap, squeeze or step on them. They’re soft. After adapting to your shape they return to their original form. Spill something on them and you’ll find they’re easy to clean.

unlimited possibilities.

Furniture that adapts to any time or place. Imagine being able to cheat doing a puzzle: cutting, resizing, widening or lengthening it. Our products are highly customizable and adapt to any space or environment all you have to do is enjoy them.
Friendly furniture.

The customization
possibilities are almost
endless, contact us to
know more.

it´s raining, so what?

Earth, wind, air and fire, ultraviolet radiation too. Furniture designed to resist the force of all the elements. The Cridea range withstands the extremes of the sun’s rays, the effects of the dust blown in the wind and all types of damp wet weather too. Furniture for all settings and all seasons.